Vitality Newsletter – Autumn 2022

As we close out the busy summer season, our thoughts are with those around the country who have suffered from the unrelenting flooding and rain events in February and March.

Most regions have almost completed their winter cropping plans, with pre-plant soil testing on the minds of most growers due to the rise in input costs. Get in touch for details about our cost-effective and rapid soil test combinations.


What’s inside this edition?

  • Don’t risk a test setback with an incorrectly packaged sample
  • Security protection measures are affecting some AgVita reports
  • Have you tried our new sap analysis NU-8 test yet?
  • What you need to know about our upcoming price changes
  • How to get the best value from your fertiliser inputs


Don’t risk a test setback with an incorrectly packaged sample

Did you know we usually don’t receive samples that don’t meet biosecurity regulations?

Since AgVita Analytical began, we have invested a considerable amount of time and resources in establishing and maintaining the integrity of our approved biosecurity system.

However, it’s a shared responsibility.

Our clients across mainland Australia must also comply with the requirements of Biosecurity Tasmania when it comes to packaging and posting soil, plant, and water samples.

Don’t risk a time delay with an incorrectly packaged sample.

For all your soil samples:

  • Samples must be contained in two sealed plastic bags before placing them in the post satchel or box.
  • This requirement applies no matter your location on mainland Australia.

For all your plant samples:

  • Sap samples (e.g. NU-test) must be contained in two sealed plastic bags before putting them in the post satchel or box.
  • Dry tissue samples (e.g. Plant Response) must be contained in two sealed bags – either a paper bag inside a sealed plastic bag or two sealed plastic bags.

Remember, a post satchel or box does not count as one of the sealed bags!

Unfortunately, incorrectly packaged samples may be inspected and seized by Biosecurity Tasmania. So, please comply with all requirements to ensure we get your sample.

If you have any questions about sample packaging, please contact us for help.


Security protection measures are affecting some AgVita reports

Have you had any issues accessing your AgVita Microsoft Excel reports recently?

Microsoft is changing the way they handle macros in Excel files, which is causing potential disruptions for many people receiving Excel reports. It’s a new security measure to make these files safer when sent via the internet.

It may mean you have to take action to ensure the email delivery of your results continues unimpeded. You can read more about this issue in this Microsoft article.

Frustrating for us all? Yes.

But, unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do about it from our end.

Since the timing and impact of this issue remain unclear, we’ll continue to update you as we learn more.


Have you tried our new sap analysis NU-8 test yet?

We’ve been thrilled with the interest in our new NU-8 extended test, which is included in our leading sap analysis suite, NU-test.  

In response to grower feedback, we built on the advantages of our popular NU-7 test by offering an extended range of analytes in a single cost-effective option.

With the NU-8 test, you not only get the most complete analyte report from one plant sample, but you also save 20%* using this packaged bundle of extras.

The NU-8 test includes everything in the NU-7, plus an additional four extra analytes:

  • Silicon
  • Aluminium
  • Brix
  • Sap pH

You’ll also get to take advantage of our in-house Brix and Silicon desirable level guidelines for many common crops, with more guidelines being developed as data allows.

As with our other NU-tests, we offer same-day reporting on the NU-8, and results are supplied in the existing NU-test format.

If you need a testing option with a more comprehensive scope to aid crop management decisions, no matter your sector or location, then consider the NU-8 today.**

* When compared to the cost of the NU-7 test plus individual add-ons.
** Please consult AgVita Analytical’s NU-test crop sampling guidelines before submitting a plant sample for any NU-test analysis. Remember, additional analytes require a larger plant sample for extraction – if unsure, please contact us for assistance.


What you need to know about our upcoming price changes

Here at AgVita, we’re especially conscious of the accelerating cost of inputs and supplies across the agricultural sector.

Like many businesses, we’re not immune to the rising cost of consumables across our Laboratory. 

Although we haven’t raised the cost of our analytical tests for six years, we have reluctantly decided to apply a small increase to most testing fees, effective from July 2022, to continue to meet the highest quality testing standards we’re known for.

We’ll be able to provide more details closer to the time.


How to get the best value from your fertiliser inputs

Like you, we’re still hearing a lot about the rising cost of many fertilisers and inputs around Australia.

The reality is, with the current global supply chain interruptions, ongoing impacts from the Russo-Ukrainian War, and outcomes from the devastating weather events in Australia, an easing of price pressure seems a long way off.

While we can’t change the fertiliser costs, we can help you use them more resourcefully, so you’re not paying for fertiliser you don’t need.

An accredited soil test offers the best information to guide the required amounts of fertiliser to be calculated.

Because here’s the thing.

Guessing too much will lead to an expensive waste, while trying to get away with too little will lead to low yields and quality.

The smart way to achieve value from your substantial investment in inputs is to accurately measure the starting point of the soil (or plant) nutrition using an accredited and reliable soil and plant laboratory.

Here at AgVita, we’re incredibly proud of our extensive accreditation through ASPAC and offer a variety of tests suitable for virtually every agricultural crop and system across Australia.

Not only that, but we also offer the fastest testing turnaround times in the country.

But don’t just take our word for it!

Call us today and discover why we have a reputation for fantastic customer service.