SMI Test


Soil Microbiology

The SMI-TEST™ is a soil monitoring tool that describes aspects of microbial life in the root zone, allowing for:

Tracking of microbial population changes through the season

Evaluation of biological factors that limit soil health and crop production

Why monitor soil microbial levels?

Soil microbes are highly important for the management, cycling and plant availability of nutrients in the soil. High levels of beneficial microbes counteract pathogens.
Microbes improve soil structure. By managing microbial populations and their ratios the general resilience of soils and crops can be influenced, thereby increasing yield, quality and profitability.

Adequate soil microbe management may lead to:

Enhanced nutrient cycling within the soil/root environment

Increased crop vigour

Increased tolerance to pests and diseases

Less weed pressure

Less leaching of nutrients from the root zone

Decreasing levels of soil compaction

Better water holding capacity

Less water logging or run-off of top soil

Better product flavour

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