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expressSoil® is a quick turnaround soil nutrient analysis developed by AgVita Analytical. This test compliments the already popular N-check®NU-test® and AQUA~SURE® analyses.

A range of nutrients and other important fertility indicators are measured to assist in determining the soil health or nutrient status. A very useful calculation is the Mehlich Phosphorus Saturation Ratio (M-3 PSR). This calculation is a combination of the agronomic M3-P soil test and the environmental aspects of a soil P saturation test. The M3-PSR is reportedly better at determining soils susceptible to P losses through leaching. For a full explanation of the M3-PSR download the Mehlich Phosphorus Saturation Ratio flyer.

Another useful measurement is the lime requirement. Download the Lime Requirement Calculation flyer to find out more about liming materials and how much lime to apply.

Our soil test reports are comprehensive and lend themselves to easy interpretation. Customised reporting options are available. Please view our standard expressSoil® report (below) and contact us for further information and reporting options.


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AgVita Analytical provides a high quality fast turn around analytical service nationally to the agricultural industry, natural resource management bodies and research organisations.

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