Advanced agricultural soil testing

Tired of standard soil testing services that don’t offer a comprehensive analysis?
Looking for reliable agricultural testing options to determine the health of your soil?

expressSoil is a quick turnaround soil nutrient analysis developed by AgVita Analytical that perfectly complements our popular N-check, NU-test and Aqua~Sure analyses.

You’ll receive reporting on a range of nutrients and other important fertility indicators that are measured to determine your soil health and its nutrient status.

In a hurry?

Our soil test reports are not only comprehensive, customisable and easy to interpret, but all samples are reported on within 4-5 days of arriving at our lab.

What you can expect with expressSoil

A very useful calculation is the Mehlich Phosphorus Saturation Ratio (M-3 PSR).

This calculation is a combination of the agronomic M3-P soil test and the environmental aspects of a soil P saturation test. The M3-PSR is reportedly better at determining soils susceptible to P losses through leaching. For a full explanation of the M3-PSR, download the Mehlich Phosphorus Saturation Ratio flyer.

Another useful measurement included in expressSoil complete analyses is the lime requirement.

This ASAPC accredited method of estimating the quantity of lime to neutralise the soil acidity back to pH (H2O) = 6.0 is described further in the expressSoil User's Guide. Other target soil pH levels are available on request.

Check out our standard expressSoil report (in the dropdown link) and contact us for other reporting options or further information.

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In fact, no other Australian lab can beat our fast turnaround times.

Since 1984, we’ve been providing expert ‘next to real time’ testing and analyses to clients around Australia to assist with advanced production systems, fertilisers and application technologies.

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