Soil Response


Traditional Soil Analysis

Soil Response® is a fresh option for growers, advisors and consultants who are disappointed by the lengthy and erratic turn-around times currently being delivered for traditional soil tests in Australia. AgVita have packaged a suite of commonly used analytes to suit virtually any soil type and farming enterprise across the country. Results for these tests will be reported within 6 days of receipt of sample – any time of the year.

Soil Response® differs from AgVita’s alternate soil analysis technique, expressSoil® due to the types of extractions used. Soil Response® uses commonly accepted methods of extraction that have been available for many years, and are supported by a wealth of published trial data and peer reviewed literature. This includes analytes/techniques such as Olsen-P, Colwell-P, PBI, Ammonium Acetate macro’s (K, Ca, Mg, Na), DTPA micro’s (Cu, Fe, Zn, Mn), Organic Carbon, MCP Sulphur, KCl-40 Sulphur, hot water boron and KCl Aluminum to name a few. Standard methods for regular analytes such as pH & EC, Chloride, etc are routinely used.

Soil Response® is an invaluable tool for guaranteed delivery of soil test results - when you need them, consistently on time, every time.

Results are reported in a custom reporting template which compares analytical results to standards available in the public domain (eg  Interpreting Soil Test Results - What Do All the Numbers Mean?. Pam Hazelton & Brian Murphy, 2007 [CSIRO Publishing] and Soil Analysis: An Interpretation Manual. Edited by K.I. Peverill, L.A. Sparrow and D.J. Reuter. 1999. [CSIRO Publishing: Melbourne]).
Soil Response® samples forwarded to AgVita Analytical will be processed as rapidly as possible and results emailed to clients anywhere in Australia within 10 days of the Lab receiving the samples, any time of the year. We recommend using Express Post to send your samples to us in the most efficient timeframe.

There are specific sampling and handling protocols that must be followed to achieve the most accurate results from your analysis – please see below for sampling guidelines and sample submission hints.

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