Available Soil Nitrogen

N-check® is a crop management tool that accurately and quickly evaluates available soil nitrogen levels in the root zone. The information N-check® provides may improve crop performance and avoid nitrogen losses into ground and surface water.

One of the key benefits of N-check® is that excess nitrogen supply is shown accurately. Plant analysis alone does not pick up excess levels of nitrogen. The combination of N-check® and NU-test® analysis can provide a complete nutrient picture allowing more informed crop nutrient management decisions to be made.

An N-check® test prior to planting can show how much, if any, nitrogen is required in the base dressing. Crops that are slow to establish do not require much early nitrogen. If a test showed the soil nitrogen levels to be adequate, the addition of additional nitrogenous fertiliser may not be required. An N-check® test prior to rapid growth phases will ensure that a lack or excess of nitrogen will not reduce the yield potential or impact on quality.

To ensure accuracy, N-check® samples must be collected according to the correct procedure. If sending from interstate it is also important to insulate the sample by wrapping in newspaper prior to posting or send in an esky type container.

N-check® results are issued by email. All emailed results have an attached CSV file allowing them to be easily imported into other software. Previous results for the same crop are summarised in the results table.

AgVita Analytical can assist consultants and agronomists in the development of interpretation aides for their clients.